Interior Designer Newton Lima, says that understanding people’s way of life is like dialoguing within concept formations on style and comfort for each and every one of them.

Newton Lima (Paulista, 41) never left his passion for design, despite graduating in Administration with emphasis on Foreign Trade.  Even though he has an MBA in Business Management, he went on to continue his studies on Interior Design at the “Belas Artes” in Sao Paulo, followed by History of Art at the “Chelsea College of Art” in London.

“I’ve always been curious and involved with design and decoration related subjects, from readings, participating in events, store visiting and periodic fairs in this area. My apartments have always been some kind of ‘shop window’ where my friends would ask me for tips and invite me to decorate their own homes and spaces” says Newton who has visited countless fairs and observed trends in many of his trips abroad.

Nowadays, the designer is involving himself in projects of higher complexity, since interiors to landscaping. “My work seeks to tell a story that becomes something more on people beliefs and the uniqueness of details that are important to each person” says Newton who, overtime, has been improving himself in techniques and drawing features, projects regarding layout suitability and ambiance arrangements. “It’s required to understand people’s way of life in order to dialogue with the formation of concepts on style, comfort and identity of the solutions to be”, he concludes.